WOTF 23 Going to Press This Week

Over the weekend Galaxy Press e-mailed me the proofs of my story (typeset pages that look as they will appear in the finished book) and I went over them today at lunch. Not a single error in the whole set, and they’d even fixed some funky hyphenation I’d included in my original submission…

And kudos to Galaxy Press for keeping all my units of measurement in metric! It’s silly, true, but it’s as nationalistic as I get, I guess. I was worried they would convert my Canadian centimeters to American inches and my meters (note the spellings, though) to feet or yards or something. Born and raised in Canada after 1970 (when Canada started going metric) I can hardly make sense of the old Imperial units or US customary units. I know I’m 5′ 11″ (I’d never say I’m “approximately 1.828 meters tall…”) but if you need your temperature in Fahrenheit I’m useless.

The WOTF people tell me that the book is going to press later this week, and that it will be available 15 September 2007–a little over two months from now!

(And, just between us, I got a sneak-peek at the cover for WOTF 23 when I was at Book Expo Canada last month and it looks fabulous. I hope they give us cover flats. I’d love to get one framed. They usually keep the designs secret and have an unveiling at the award gala, but I stopped by the Galaxy Press booth at BEC and they had a giant poster of the cover behind them…kinda hard to hide 🙂

– S.