Why you’ll never read anything here about my day job…

Not that I’m worried about anybody at my office tracking my blog to check for content disparaging my employer, but I have heard of people losing their jobs over blog posts and a friend of mine was interviewing for a position at another publisher and was asked about his “online presence.” I’m not foolish enough to endanger my job by taking cyber potshots, hence while you’ll never read anything about my day job in my blog.

So when I read this story about someone who got fired from Nintendo over her blog–and whose defense was that, despite slagging Nintendo and several co-workers and having her real photo up on the blog, it should be considered “protected speech” and an “exaggeration” because she used a fake last name for blogging purposes–I had to shake my head.

Despite some people thinking that what they say on the internet is anonymous or that employers won’t care, what really bothers me is how poorly this girl covered her tracks. I mean if you’re going to be duplicitous at least be smarter and a little better at it, lady.

Sheesh 🙂

– S.