Aurora Nominations Due!

Okay, one last reminder–

The deadline for nominating for the Prix Aurora Awards, the annual Canadian science fiction and fantasy awards, is THIS MONDAY.

Online ballots must be cast by Monday, March 17, 2008 (three days from today). So while you’re drinking your green beer on St. Paddy’s Day don’t forget to vote.

Any Canadian may nominate, and there is no charge to do so.

The online ballot is here.

A comprehensive list of eligible works is available at the Canadian SF Works Database.

*cough cough*

And you may notice by reading that list that my Writers of the Future Grand Prize-winning story, “Saturn in G Minor”, is eligible for the Aurora in the Best Short-Form Work in English category. If there’s anyone out there who is eligible to vote (ie: a Canadian citizen or permanent resident–and there are 30 million of you out there…) but who hasn’t read the story please e-mail me; I’ll send you an e-copy this weekend for your consideration.

– S.