“Saturn in G Minor” Nominated for Aurora Award


I’m thrilled to announce that my story, “Saturn in G Minor”, is a finalist for the Prix Aurora Awards, the annual Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Awards. My story has been short-listed in the ‘Best Short-Form Work in English’ category–this is my first Aurora nomination. The same story has previously won the Writers of the Future Grand Prize.

Many thanks to all those who read the story and took time to nominate it for the Aurora. Special thanks, too, to the eagle-eyed Tony Pi (fellow Aurora nominee) who found the full list of nominees online at SFScope this morning and let me know right away.

But if I thought getting the nomination was hard, the harder part will be actually winning. There’s some mighty stiff competition in the Best Short-Form category:

“Falling” by David Clink (On Spec)
“Saturn in G Minor” by Stephen Kotowych (Writers of the Future XXIII)
“Metamorphoses in Amber” by Tony Pi (Abyss & Apex)
“The Dancer at the Red Door” by Douglas Smith (Under Cover of Darkness)
“Like Water in the Desert” by Hayden Trenholm (Challenging Destiny)

Voting for the Awards will take place on-line or by mail with ballots available soon at the Aurora website:


Voting will close on May 7.

Unlike the nomination phase, in order to vote there is a $5 fee which helps offset the cost of running the contest, the website, production of the awards, etc. It probably also helps deter ballot-box stuffing 🙂

The Auroras will be presented at CanVention, which this year is KeyCon 25 in Winnipeg (May 16 to 19, 2008). All those in attendance at KeyCon may vote as part of their convention membership.

I’d also like to remind those attending the Ad Astra SF Convention in Toronto this weekend that I’ll be reading my Aurora-nominated story, “Saturn in G Minor”, at 5:30pm on Saturday in Salon 443.

– S.