Online and Mail-in Voting Now Available for Prix Aurora Awards

Hi all –

After some initial technical snafus (understandable given this is the first year with electronic voting) online voting and mail-in ballots are now available for the 2008 Prix Aurora Awards.

You can find the online form and/or the PDF for the mail-in ballots here. You can pay the $5 voting fee via PayPal (for online votes) or by cheque payable to Prix Aurora Awards (for mail-in ballots).

Looks like the online voting is a two-step process and a bit complicated. If you’re going to vote online be sure to read all the instructions carefully.

If you read my blog at all you know that my story “Saturn in G Minor” is a finalist in the Best Short-Form Work in English category. You can find the story here. The story has previously won the Writers of the Future Grand Prize.

It turns out that there will NOT be on-site voting at KEYCON 25 so get your votes in early. Votes must be received by 7 May 2008.

– S.