Boldly Going Where No Twitterer Has Gone Before

So I confess I think Twitter is pretty stupid. A website where you can post 140-character messages…why? So the whole world can keep up with all the inanity of your daily life? It’s like Facebook if Facebook was ONLY your status message and none of the other cool and occasionally useful features. Needless to say, I don’t use Twitter.

But after reading this story I almost wish I did.

See, LeVar Burton was in Toronto the other day to film a piece for CBC and through Twitter met up with a bunch of random strangers at a bar in Yorkville for drinks and some casual conversation.

Just like that.

You can read all about it in the Globe & Mail here. LeVar Burton always seemed like a nice guy on TV and from what this article says it seems like he really is. (My favorite part of the YouTube video attached to the story is how he says he would “never try this State-side”. Hahaha! Go Canada!)

And the best part of the whole “Tweet-up” was that even though these people came to meet him and none of them knew anyone else there, LeVar Burton got them all talking and they stayed long after he left the bar.

Imagine: the internet facilitated people making friends in real life (or IRL, as the kids say…)

As a Pakled once said: “We need a Geordi. He will make us go.” Who knew that applied to social situations, too?

– S.

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