Realms of Fantasy Lives!

Like Gandalf the White, like a revenant from the graveyard of failed SF publications, Realms of Fantasy returns!

News today from SF Scope (rapidly becoming THE source for breaking SF news) that Realms of Fantasy has been bought from its publisher Sovereign Media and will be taken over by Tir Na Nog Press, under the direction of publisher Warren Lapine. Shawna McCarthy and Doug Cohen have agreed to stay on in their current editorial capacities. Look for the first full-color issue in May (that means only one missed issue in total!)

You can find the full story here at SF Scope and at the temporary ROF website here.

Congratulations to all involved for pulling this one back from the brink.

– S.

3 thoughts on “Realms of Fantasy Lives!

  1. ‘SF’ stands for ‘Speculative Fiction’ now?

    It’s like politically correct for nerd.

  2. Well, partially it’s a short-form so you don’t constantly have to say “fantasy and science fiction”…but, yes, it’s also an attempt on the part of some in the field to make sci-fi sound more “literary” and, thus, supposedly respectable in the eyes of reviewers whose opinions I don’t think really matter to anyone besides other critics and snooty literary types.

    I mostly use it in the former sense.

  3. Are you saying that you don’t count yourself among the ‘snooty literary types’?

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