“Saturn in G Minor” Now Available on StarShipSofa

Very pleased to report that my Writers of the Future winning story “Saturn in G Minor” is now available as FREE audio fiction from the good folks over at StarShipSofa.

The narration is crackerjack, provided by Nick Camm, an actor, audio-book narrator and voice-overer. I love his narration–I do. However, based on the list of accents on his profile page I now kind of wish he’d narrated the story in a Cockney, or perhaps a Glaswegian accent. Ah, well. Next time.

This is my second appearance on the Sofa. My story “A Time for Raven” (first published in Interzone) appeared as the featured story way back in Episode 259. Here’s hoping they’ll have me back for more at some point!

Oh, and as a completely disinterested party…Did you know that StarShipSofa is eligible for Hugo nominations in the BEST FANCAST category this year for their run of shows in 2015? You can find a full breakdown of StarShipSofa circa 2015 here. Since nominations close this Thursday, March 31st there’s still time to show the Sofa some nomination love! You can be sure that I will. You know: as a completely disinterested party.

– S.