“The Waxing Disquiet” Available Now!

18879898_1349788011771685_4624014453232649535_oThe June 2017 issue of Deep Magic–which includes “The Waxing Disquiet” by Tony Pi and me–is available now! Here’s the epic table of contents for Deep Magic’s 1-year anniversary issue!

– Short story “The Black Irix” by the legendary Terry Brooks
– Short story “Metamorphistry” by Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Jeff Wheeler
– Short story “The Waxing Disquiet” by Tony Pi & Stephen Kotowych
– Short story “Bad Dog” by Patrice Sarath (Gordath Wood)
– Short story “Dreams of a Radiant Sentry” by Christen Anne Kelley
– Article “Rock Your World in 5 Easy Steps”, by Sara B. Larson, Author
– Article “The Problems with Publishing Contracts”, by David Vandagriff, lawyer specializing in the literary industry
– Interview with Matthew Bialer, agent at Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
– Book Excerpt by Wall Street Journal Bestselling author, Charlie N. Holmberg, “The Fifth Doll”
– Book Excerpt by bestselling author Carrie Anne Noble, “The Gold-Son”