Sale! “The Murmur of Its Name” to Flame Tree Supernatural Horror Anthology

I was supposed to keep it hush-hush for a while, but I think I’m allowed to say now that I’ve sold another story. I’m very pleased that my story ‘The Murmur of Its Name’ will be published in Flame Tree Press’s Supernatural Horror anthology later this summer. From all accounts, Flame Tree’s books are gorgeous so I’m looking forward to my copy!ronin3-small

‘The Murmur of Its Name’ takes place (I think?) in the same world as my story ‘There Followed the Wind’ from my collection, SEVEN AGAINST TOMORROW.

I say ‘I think’ because this new story is…a bit dark for me. Usually I’m not one for horror, but this one just sort of came out that way. It’s also (again, unusually for me) what might be called a “swords and sanity” story, pondering what the invasion of a quasi-Japan would have been like if the Mongols and their Great Khan were actually in service of something…old.

So, not 100% whether it fits in with the world and events of ‘Wind’, but I have more ideas for this quasi-Japan and its samurai so I guess I’ll find out at some point…