“Saturn in G Minor” Wins 2015 Ictineu Award

I’m very pleased to announce that my story “Saturn in G Minor” has won a 2015 Ictineu Award! What a great way to start the new year.

These awards are given to the best science fiction, fantasy and horror works of fiction published in Catalan during the previous year. “Saturn in G Minor” won for best short fiction translated into Catalan. It appeared in the Catalan-language magazine Catarsi (#15) in November 2014.


My thanks to the editors of Catarsi for taking the story for translation, and special thanks to Clara Boia, the story’s translator–who obviously did a great job!

I confess this comes as a complete shock, as I didn’t know I was even eligible for an award! I gather the award is judged 50% by popular vote and 50% by jury; a really interesting way to award such a prize, and it’s nice to know the story can appeal to both sorts of audiences.

I can’t seem to find a list of all the past winners in English, but I found this one in Catalan. Happily, Google will translate for you! Looks like George RR Martin, Haruki Murakami, Orson Scott Card, Mike Resnick, and Cat Rambo have all won this award, so I figure that’s pretty great company to be in!

An award is on its way in the mail, I’m told. I’ll post photos of it when it arrives.

– S.

Saturn in G-Moll

Further to my last post, my contributor copy of the German SF magazine, NOVA Science Fiction, has arrived and its gorgeous.

Its a 200pg, perfect-bound book with twelve stories, editorials, ads, and some really amazing artwork. I’ve been in anthologies that don’t have these kinds of production values. So thrilled to be in translation in this one!

This is also the third or fourth really kick-ass piece of art to accompany this story as its been reprinted in several languages. So cool! Looks just like how I imagines Paulo looking.

– S.

Writers of the Future Vol. 31 Cover Reveal!

So it looks like the cover for this year’s Writers of the Future collection has been revealed! (They kept ours secret for the big reveal at the award ceremony, so I hope I’m not spilling any beans by posting this…)

WOTF Vol 31 (1)

Since this year’s winners are currently about halfway through their workshop week–the awards are on Sundays these days, not Saturdays anymore–I’ve been thinking about my own experience at WOTF.

Before I went to the Writers of the Future week in 2007, I read everything I could about the contest and the workshop week from the blogs and websites of previous winners. When I came back I decided that I should put together something similar that would hopefully be of interest and use to future winners and those entering the contest.

Since these posts first went live in 2007 and 2008 they have consistently been amongst the most popular pages on my blog–so I guess they have been of interest to people!

I thought it made sense to have an easily accessible one-stop-shop for my WOTF week journal, so please find all the relevant links below. I hope they are of use to you. My advice: enter the contest. After all, someone has to win every year: why not YOU?


– S.

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